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Darko Frketič




Darko Frketic

"Life sometimes leads us into extraordinary situations that prompt us to contemplate our deeper purpose. When I realized that I wasn't truly fulfilled in my life, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. This voyage took me to unique places and introduced me to remarkable individuals, but the most exhilarating aspect was that it led me to a deeper understanding of myself.

Through the profound initiations of shamanic rituals and the profound communion with natural forces, I gained profound insights into both the natural world and my own essence. These spiritual experiences were transformative, making me a more self-assured individual.

I firmly believe that we transcend the constraints of our learned conditioning.
I am convinced that each of us is a miracle waiting to be unveiled.
I am certain that we hold all the answers and potential within ourselves.

However, unlocking these truths requires a profound personal longing for a genuine encounter with one's innermost self. Such an experience is inherently healing.

My personal journey has led me to the point where I now guide others along their paths of personal development and healing.

A holistic perspective empowers us to lead healthier, happier lives, but it demands a willingness to embrace change. Everyone possesses the potential for transformation!"

   Education and Training

  • Faciltator, Psychological counselor, Mediator

  • Coach for self-awareness  and Personality development

  • Gestalttherapy

  • Supervision u . Coordination of groups

  • Shamanism, Spirituell Consciousness - and Healing

  • Coach for Autogenic Training

  • Meditation

  • Suggestive, Imaginative Therapy

My Work


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