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Darko Frketič




Darko Frketic

"Life sometimes brings us into extraordinary situations that may give rise to questions about the deeper meaning to us then. When I found out that I do not really feel fulfilled in my life, I have made myself on the way. My trip took me to special places and extraordinary people, but the really exciting thing was that it brought me to myself more and more.

Through the initiations of shamanic rituals and the experience of natural forces, I made a deep insight into the nature and in my essence. Spiritual self-experiences were pioneering for me and have made me a confident man.

I am convinced that we are more than our learned conditions.
I am convinced that each of us is a miracle that wants to be discovered.
I am convinced that we will carry on all matters and the response in us.

It requires a deep personal need for a true encounter with his essence. Such an experience is pure healing.

My personal work to me has made me that I accompany people in their own development and / or healing path.

Holistic awareness helps us to a healthier and happier life, but everyone has even a willingness to have to want to change!"

   Education and Training

  • Faciltator, Psychological counselor, Mediator

  • Coach for self-awareness  and Personality development

  • Gestalttherapy

  • Supervision u . Coordination of groups

  • Shamanism, Spirituell Consciousness - and Healing

  • Coach for Autogenic Training

  • Meditation

  • Suggestive, Imaginative Therapy

My Work



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