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Discover your munay spirit



Munay in Quechua, the language of the Andean people, means “the universal love energy”. Spirit is defined as the “soul” or “the energy in all living things”. Thus                        simply translates to “the universal love energy that dwells in every soul”.

We are convinced that life is to be approached as a holistic experience. Our essence is a complex wonder which cannot be reduced solely to the psychic and physical plane.

If one wants to reach his or her full potential, it is important to realize all the levels of a conscious lifestyle, including ones evolution and health at all levels!

Once you obtain the key to the inherent energy source, you are in true power. It is then when you can inspire everyone else around you. We want to make our contribution and reignite that spark, because promoting a holistic understanding of a healthier and more fulfilling life is the goal of our work! Combined with the support of shamanism, yoga and the world of psychology, we learn powerful tools to create and maintain balance.

We assist people who e.g .:


  • are looking for a deeper meaning in their lives

  • want to heal a debilitating disease

  • search for Spiritual Growth

  • want to heal a traumatic experience 

  • or development in many other areas that need healing

Through our own experience, we know that an illness, an accident, or a depressive emotional state are signs that we are out of balance. However, we ourselves possess the necessary healing medicine that is released by expanding awareness and thus returning us into sacred balance.

Awareness work is much more than the solution to our problems, it is the discovery of one's self, the miracle that is in every single one of us, and therefore part of ones’ own fulfillment, what we call "the discovery of the innate munay spirit"!

Through specifically organized moments and guided rituals, we allow each participant to experience his or her personal development journey.

munay sonqo

heart regards



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