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Schwitzhütten Feuer
Schwitzhütte, Temaszkal, Sweatlodge
Schwitzhütte von innen


The sweat lodge has remained with us for generations. Several indigenous peoples have used the sweat lodge to purify and for a stronger connection between body, mind and soul. Also the closeness to the forces of nature is maintained. Symbolically, we know the sweat lodge is the womb of the earth. We have entrusted the sacred womb of Mother Earth to heal our injuries, and strengthen us with new energy and creativity. 


Selected Boulders, symbolizing the male sperm, are heated in the fire, which symbolizes the father. These are then carried during the ceremony in the center of the sweat lodge, in a specially previously excavated hole. As the sweat lodge represents the feminine, we simulate in conjunction with the stones and the fire the act of conception and live within the ceremony our own rebirth, by letting go of old with prayers and hymns to be cleaned and to proceed with new energy. 

For years, Darko has been leading this powerful ceremony from Ibiza, Uruguay to Croatia. His ceremonies are known for deep transformations.

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