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Heilpflanzenkur im Amazonas von Peru, Ayahuasca
Medicinal Plants Amazonas/Peru
In the depths of the Peruvian Amazon we offer the opportunity to immerse into the jungle, to indulge with professional accompaniment of the plant world.

Surrounded by lush greens in conjunction with the voices and the colorfulness of animals living there, it is possible to begin his own healing journey .
Rückzuge Kroatien

On a beautifully secluded spot in the Croatian wilderness, we offer a special experience that you otherwise can only experience in South America in this form.


The visit of a shaman allows us to get to know first hand his rituals and healing methods, without having to travel to South America. We offer the possibility of a Medicinal Plant Ceremony during an intensive weekend. 

more Infos coming soon >
Visionssuche in Uruguay
Visionquest in Uruguay
Indigenous Peoples and masters of various traditions have followed since the beginning of mankind to the inner call to sit for a while under a tree, thereby connecting with nature, so as to get a clear vision for their lives. By omitting food and the remoteness of everything distracts this work serves the unification and memory of their own inner strength and connectedness with the rhythm of the earth and the entire cosmos.
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