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Facilitator Darko Frketič

Darko Frketič

As a facilitator, I accompany people who have the need for change and personal growth. I accompany individuals, couples and groups in different life situations and life stages. Here I serve topics such as: personality development, crises and conflict resolution, trauma resolution, motivation, sense-finding and spiritual awareness. I trust my conviction that every human being has the ability to create his own happiness and the crises or problems are possibilities to grow beyond himself.

Sometimes you only need new stimuli and perspectives to give your life a new dynamic and sometimes you have to go a little deeper. The recognition and dissolution of conditioned patterns of behavior, which no longer do us good, as well as the examination of beliefs and convictions, often result in an enormous liberation from the acute pressure of suffering. Achieving understanding, forgiveness and love is the step towards transformation. This newly gained consciousness is then to be integrated into his life, and to cultivate it, so that there is nothing more to hinder real self-realization and a fulfilled life.

My knowledge and experience encompasses different areas such as: Shamanism, Spiritual Awareness, Psychological Counseling, Gestalt Therapeutic Supervision, Mediation, Crisis and Conflict Management for Couples or Groups, Autogenic Training, Meditation, Coach for Self Experiencing and Personality Development.
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