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Our ceremonies and travels at a glance

Freude spüren
Ayahuasca Zeremonie
Ayahuasca Cermony
The word ayahuasca originates from the Quechua, the language of the defunct Inca Empire. It is composed of aya = soul / transformation and huasca = Liane / Vine and can thus be translated as " vine of the souls " . 
Schwitzhütte, Temaszkal, Sweat Lodge
The sweat lodge has remained with us for generations. Several indigenous peoples have used the sweat lodge to purify and for a stronger connection between body, mind and soul. Also the closeness to the forces of nature is maintained. Symbolically, we know the sweat lodge is the womb of the earth. We have entrusted the sacred womb of Mother Earth to heal our injuries, and strengthen us with new energy and creativity. 
Facilitator Darko Frketič
As a facilitator, I accompany people who have the need for change and personal growth. I accompany individuals, couples and groups in different life situations and life stages.
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