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For thousands of years, the Native Americans have been performing ceremonial ceremonies to find love and healing to strengthen their connection to Mother Earth and to recognize their true self.
After several years of work with Ayahuasca and a last 7 months intensive retreat deep in the jungle of Peru, Darko has received the blessing in the tradition of "Vegetalismo Amazonico" to guide Ceremonies with the mother of all medicinal plants. He now conducts his own ceremonies. He is grateful for this way with the aim of helping people come to their highest potential.

Darko accompanies us with all his knowledge, experience and songs, which he shares with people all over the world for many years.

The plant drink is taken and you sit in the darkness of the night at your place, and let the plant work in yourself. In a ceremonial ceremony one is guided in an individual way to information and visions, which is then to be integrated into everyday life in order to be able to live the insights.
Within the ceremony, Darko accompanies you from his place with Icarus (sacred songs) and his presence through the night and ensures that we can concentrate on our inner work.

On request Darko also accompanies the integration process individually after the ceremony.
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