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Since the beginning of mankind, peoples and masters of various traditions have respected the inner call to simply sit for a while under a tree, thereby connecting with nature, and through this seek a clear vision for their lives. By omitting food and everything that serves as a distraction, this work fulfills the unification of the memory of ones’ own inner strength and its connection to the rhythm of the earth and the entire cosmos. This self-knowledge and thus gained Vision gives the seeker clarity and new strength to cope with life.

Especially with the constant hustle and bustle of the everyday life that surrounds us, it is important to accurately treat yourself to this meditative pause in order to reflect on the very basics.

- Re-orientation in a new phase of life (partnership, professional, etc.)

- Burnt out or feeling unclear on how to pursue the private life.

- Pain through the loss of a loved one.

- Rediscovering the silence and understanding found in nature

These reasons mentioned can be a motivation to make a Vision Quest. Everything that is emotionally, mentally, or spiritually unclear may be the occasion for a retreat.

Schwitzhütten Zeremonie
Altar Schwitzhütte

We open up the vision quest with a sweat lodge in which we cleanse ourselves, and connect ourselves more deeply with ourselves and the forces of nature. Likewise, we immerse ourselves with our intent and desires that we want to manifest in our vision quest.

After the sweat lodge , it then goes into the Opening night Ceremony, where we prepare ourselves with the help of a Medicine plant for the coming 4 -day retreat.

Tipi, Teepee
Feuerstelle im Tipi

The 4 days and nights the vision seeker spend alone in silence and solitude, fasting without food or water, at an assigned place in nature.


Over the entire period of the vision quest a fire is burning in a tepee, whereupon the assistants day and night care that it does not go out. It is the central focal point to support the vision of the seeker by prayers and chants.

After the culmination of the retreat, we celebrate the Final Ceremony where we encourage each other to share the experiences and visions together. This is followed by the final sweat lodge in which we manifest our realizations again to integrate them into our everyday lives. 

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