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Amazonas Peru
Winston Tangoa Chujandama, Curandero


peruvian Amazon



The peruvian Amazon offers the opportunity to fully immerse and engage with the jungle and its professional guidance offered by its plant kingdom.

Surrounded by the lush greens and its colorful and conversational animal residents, ones’ own healing journey may begin immediately upon arrival.

The diversity of medicinal plants growing there provide a wealth of holistic treatment options on the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels.


The "curanderos" ( healers ) say that every being and every plant has a soul, with which you can go into an intimate dialogue, to request their help in order to recover the lost harmony in the body.

Winston Tangoa Chujandama is our friend and owner of “Centro Situlli” who will accompany everyone at this center with the power of his whole heart.



Winston Tangoa Chujandama

Curandero / Medico Vegetalista / Ayahuasquero



"Winston Tangoa Chujandama is a respected shaman and healer from the high area of the Amazon in Peru. At the age of 11 years, his shamanic initiation has begun. His grandfather, who was known his time as the most respected shaman of the region, initiated Winston in his knowledge of the art of healing conveys. Winston has the knowledge of countless cures and medicinal plants. From all over the world people travel to him to heal through his accompaniment serious diseases. His success is internationally known.

He supports projects that serve the well-being of the earth and thus the human being and is committed to passing on the knowledge of his ancestors.




In these isolated retreats you live over a selected period of time in a "Tambo". By isolating the contact with nature, a special diet and low physical activity, we create the basis to initiate profound physical, psychological and emotional changes that promote patient comfort.

In addition, Winston personally selects the "Master Plant" that will provide the possibility to return the body to its harmony.

Tambo, eine Hütte mit Dach aus Palmenblättern

The TAMBO - "In silence with you and nature"


The Tambo is a hut with a roof of palm leaves, a bed and a hammock. This is the place to be alone with yourself in your task to focus without distraction.


Chiri Sanango, Maloka
Meisterpflanzen, Siete Palos



Each patients’ plant drink is freshly prepared and brought to the Tambo. The daily dose and the period are instructed by Winston. 



Maloka von innen, Centro Situlli
Maloka von aussen, Centro Situlli


The treatments are accompanied by the mother of all medicinal plants: Ayahuasca . (see Ayahuasca ceremony)

During a ceremony night at the Maloka (pictured left), in conjunction with others, the medical beverage is taken and begins the inner dialogue with the plant.

All processes through which one passes can be better understood and integrated with her help.

By Icarus ( Voice of Curanderos ) and the chants of the Jungle we are led into the depths of ourselves.







Our accommodations are incorporated into the surrounding nature. These small alcoves of meditation are enough space to get comfortable to the environment before his return. The time after the retreat can be spent here. 



Gasthaus, Centro Situlli
Bett, Centro Situlli



Fears, alcoholism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, asthma, autoimmune disease, high blood pressure, burnout, cholesterol, continuous fatigue, depression, diabetes, drug addiction, gastritis, arthritis, ulcers, skin diseases, heart diseases, hormonal disorders, impotence, infections, cancer, liver cirrhosis, menopause, migraine, kidney disease, rheumatism, thyroid disorders, stress, addictions, insomnia, tumors, tuberculosis ... and more ...


For further treatment topics you write us. 



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