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The word ayahuasca originates from the Quechua, the language of the defunct Inca Empire. It is composed of aya = soul / transformation and huasca = Liane / Vine and can thus be translated as " vine of the souls ". 
With Ayahuasca is meant only the liana itself, as well as the drink.
When participating in this ceremony, it is a meeting with the pure power of the jungle in the form of this plant tea. You are guided, past your own blockages, pain or trauma to understanding about your own patterns that disturb us subconsciously. Through consciousness, change can take place, because one knows exactly where one can begin to give a new direction to his life, if one wants and needs.
Since ancient times, Ayahuasca has been used by medical men and women in the Amazon for healing ceremonies and deep shamanic experiences.
This beverage is prepared by us with the utmost care and sense of responsibility.
Darko Frketic
Ceremony with Darko


Its an invitation to an internal meeting of yourself, together with the spirit of the plant and mother earth.

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