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Closure and Letting Go

Natural cycles permeate our lives in an ongoing loop—beginnings, middles, and ends continuously merge. Much like the seed, the bloom, and the fruit, seasons manifest, inexorably leading us towards winter and simultaneously marking the conclusion of another year. Shortly thereafter comes the thrilling start of a new year through the awakening of spring and so it goes in an ongoing beautiful circle. Our lives are also cyclical, natural and a part of the nature that the additional beauty of the nature is to remind us of these universal patterns and laws. Yet, we often become entangled in the past and struggle to let go. We cling to painful memories or enchanting moments, sometimes without considering that holding on hampers any further growth.

In many shamanic practices, there are rituals that teach us to release the old to make room for the new. "The old goes, the new comes"—a powerful mantra that invites us to mourn letting go but never to remain trapped in that energy. The spirit of fire aids us in this transformation and change. For example, a letter, addressed to a beloved individual to express feelings, is written and then burned, and the ashes are ceremonially offered to the Earth with a small tribute represents a wonderful ritual that everyone can do for himself. Similarly liberating is speaking everything unspoken onto a small piece of wood and setting it ablaze to find relief.

As well, our ancestors deserve recognition and respect, as does our own past and history. An altar adorned with photos of your deceased ancestors or a picture of yourself as a child can be a potent, sacred space. Here, you can pray, light incense, and work with these energies and emotions. Especially when we mourn missed opportunities or struggle with our past, this can aid us in finding closure, opening the possibility for the universe to usher new people and opportunities into our lives.

Otherwise, we risk that past people or situations continue to haunt us, compelling us to learn from the past repeatedly. In the shamanic worldview, we inhabit the middle world, shaped by the past and the future. If we are not at peace here, it becomes challenging to remain in the present moment.

If you need support in letting go and concluding old matters, I'm here to assist you. Feel free to reach out for a shamanic session to undergo this transformation together:

We look forward to having you!

Your Munay Spirit Team


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