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Our films are devoted to the heart of the earth.

Through our contributions, we document important issues that we encounter on our travels to promote awareness, development and health that serves us and the well-being of the whole planet.



munay pictures

munay pictures

munay pictures
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Caracol - learning center for children

Caracol - learning center for children

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Camino de los Hijos de la Madre Tierra Uruguay

Camino de los Hijos de la Madre Tierra Uruguay

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"Caracol" is a small kindergarden / preschool here in Uruguay, which is financed by a parent initiative and self-made art objects offered for sale. Here, every child is treated individually and tries to reconcile harmony with nature.

"Caracol" asks with this video for help in the form of donations.

"Camino Hijos de la Tierra" is a community that previously called "Camino Rojo". They campaigned to lead people through their healing processes by offering the "Busqueda de Vision" - vision search - in Uruguay.

More information about the vision search:

Meanwhile, they bought the piece of land, for which they ask for support. They are looking forward to visitors from all over the world.


Eco-Social Projects







It was a long way until we find suitable places of recreation. The trips there have opened our eyes to how important it is to create awareness in people to support nature.


We want to use our munay spirit to promote running projects, places and people, who serve the welfare of the planet, and with this page provide you the opportunity to be part of it.


Centro Situlli



The heart of Winston Tangoa Chujandama, the founder of the Centro Situlli, proposes for sustainability. It is a great honor to be able to support him in his life work.

















His center organizes training courses to teach the community the ancient knowledge about the use of the medicine of his ancestors. An issue here is the preservation and proper use of traditional medicine.

Traditional healers from different ethnic groups together constitute the opportunity for an active exchange in order to strengthen the work of indigenous peoples.






Kinder aus Llucanayacu

Selva Tropical



The center Situlli remains committed to the preservation of the tropical rainforest by organizing group activities that under all its efforts obtain the green lungs of the earth.

















Hijos de la tierra

A precious treasure of our planet are the native peoples, because they still live in harmony with nature and are an inexhaustible source of original life forms. It is very important to us to support the native tribes, and we want to ensure that their habitat is preserved.




With one click you can support a wonderful movement that comes across the planet benefits, no matter where you are.


Just write us an email with the addition: " Centro Situlli " or " Children of the Earth " and we will send you all the necessary information about the donation.





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